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Digital Marketing has become incredibly important for any business wanting to reach their customers in an increasingly social media driven world. But how do you know what tools to use and how to gain the maximum benefit from those tools? I recently ran a training workshop on digital marketing for real estate company First National Marlborough. The team in Blenheim are super friendly and knowledgeable about their industry - you can see why they have been the number 1 First National office in New Zealand for the last 12 years. The session was a hands-on 3 hour course, where I taught them how to create and tweak a Facebook business page, YouTube channel, Google+ account and the basics of Facebook advertising. Seeing the team's satisfaction when their new Facebook business page began getting followers, it hit me. There are so many keynote speakers and social media advocates telling you that you've gotta use social media for your business. However, there are not many hands-on workshops on the how-to. Learning step by step how to create your own Facebook business page, LinkedIn Business Page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, Instagram or whatever channel is most relevant to your business.

Nothing beats this style of learning.

The key to Digital Marketing Training is that people need to understand not only the how, but the why?

The why is simple. Social media humanises your brand. It creates two-way communication with your customers, more interaction and fostering a feeling of community.

A huge component with social media is that you can get recommendations and reviews from real people on real world experience. It is word of mouth on a massive scale. And most importantly, social media marketing is targeted at the right audience. Your audience.

You can really drill down on the demographic and the type of person you are trying to reach. Age, gender, location, career, hobbies and interests are only the tip of the iceberg.

I have a client who is looking to market a $20 million property in New Zealand. He is struggling to get traction and to be honest, there are not a lot of New Zealand buyers in the market for a property of this value.

We discussed a targeted Facebook advertising campaign where we have targeted marketing to certain Californian cities and in particular the technology sector. There are many potential buyers with this sort of money in this demographic looking to invest in New Zealand property. Especially given the current unsettled political climate in the US.

With Digital Marketing Training, it is really important to share these success stories so that participants understand the real benefits from this type of marketing. The more training sessions I give, the more fantastic stories are shared with me by the participants from the training.

I love giving these training sessions and love sharing success stories. You can find out more about these stories or training events by following me on my Facebook page.

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