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Google Language Translation Raises The Bar

It's great to see Google has really ramped up its Google Translation tool. Many years ago, my team used Google translate on our property website. Unfortunately the feedback from many of our Asian and German customers was that they found the translations offensive. Over the years I've been watching what the Google team have been doing and in September they released an update which Mike Schuster (Google Brain Team) posted.

Mike refers to the new translation engine now known as Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT). It is a seriously next generation update. What struck me in his post was the point regarding machine learning. This is real AI (Artificial Intelligence) solving human problems.

Where will this take us in the future? Well as a frequent traveler to non-English speaking countries, I can imagine the accuracy for my voice translation apps are going to get a whole lot better and perhaps, I might not get laughed at as much next time I am in Paris or Hong Kong!

For further details catch Mike's post here.

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