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Tips for Homes with Direct Fixed Cladding

Mark Smith | Red LBP Property Inspections | FB I recently sold a home with direct fixed cladding and many buyers who look at these types of homes have a fair amount of uncertainty over them. Here are some tips from Mark Smith Property inspector @REDLBP so that the building report only picks up facts, not red herrings.

There are issues with SOME types of direct cladding systems, but not all of them. It definitely takes the experience of having built a house to understand the difference!

  1. The first tip, is to make sure that there is ventilation in the home. I have seen lots of issues with mould etc inside, however the problem is not from the cladding, it is simply because the windows haven’t been regularly opened and there is no HRV type system installed.

  2. Another tip, make sure the weep holes in the joinery are clean and clear. Grime can build up esp on the south side of a property and once weep holes are filled up, then moisture cannot escape causing dampness issues.

  3. A good idea is to have the vegetation around the foundations kept clear. Foundation vent holes need air for them to do their job of letting air flow through the underfloor to keep it dry. Gardens often build up and stop the flow of air causing mould under houses and often up the sides of cladding.

Last idea, is to make sure that curtains and carpets are professionally cleaned, sometimes we have seen issues with lack of ventilation and the problem has been fixed, but the soft furnishings still show signs of the old damp problems

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