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Selling Privately vs. with a Sales Consultant

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Why choose a licensed sales consultant for the sale of your most valuable asset? A frequent comment I have noticed lately on neighbourhood social media pages and a question I am often asked by people I meet - "is it better to sell your home privately or with a sales consultant?" Initially it can seem enticing to sell privately as you in theory 'cut out the middleman' and could potentially save money. That's the point of selling privately, right? But is it accurate? In my experience, properties listed with a knowledgeable sales consultant garner much more in the final sales price and therefore potential profit for sellers than those who list without an agency. As an example - one of the consultants in my office recently had a listing and just 2 doors down, a house with practically the same layout and amenities was also for sale at the same time, privately. The open homes were run at similar times so many of the same buyers came through both properties. The private listing was promoted on social media and TradeMe by the home owners and it was listed with a price of $595,000. Unfortunately for them, given the hot market at the moment they potentially set the bar too low and missed out on potential gain. Both properties sold within a short period of time. The one listed with the Harcourts sales consultant sold for $630,000 after a multi-offer from a deadline sale and the one listed privately sold for $595,000. A difference of roughly $15,000+ extra profit after commission for the sellers and surely a lot less stress in fielding enquiries and negotiations. When you work with an experienced Harcourts sales consultant you are looked after with expert advice, and years of training and experience. There are so many legal pitfalls in the real estate industry these days that it just makes sense to entrust an expert with such a large transaction. The added bonus of course, is the potential extra profit with the professional marketing and network of nearly 500 Harcourts agents throughout Canterbury to ensure your property gets the most exposure and the best possible price. Many agents currently have several keen buyers on hand all pre-approved and ready to purchase with current stock shortages. It can be difficult for some to negotiate on their own on behalf especially when it comes to selling your home which can often be emotionally charged. Working with a sales consultant means that you are working with an experienced negotiator which absolutely helps alleviate a lot of stress. Homeowners who use a real estate agent to sell their house can expect to sell for an average of 15 per cent more than those who sell their house privately, according to the Real Estate Institute (REINZ), the body that represents the industry. A recent study completed at the end of 2020 showed that the national median price for sales via a real estate agent is $673,000, compared to a median price of $585,000 for those who sell privately. The commission on a $673,000 sale would be up to about $28,000 at the big-name real estate agencies. These results do vary based on regions and an agent will be able to provide you with more detailed local information on the most recent sales.

“This research is just about providing people with the data on using an agent compared to selling themselves so that they can make an informed decision, says Bindi Norwell, REINZ CEO. “Selling privately works perfectly for those who have the time, inclination, expertise and patience to do so, however, for example, if you’re a busy family where both parents work full-time, then it might be better to utilise the skills and expertise of an agent.” The choice is yours of course in how you decide to sell your most valuable asset. Let me know if you'd like to chat, I'd be happy to share many stories and comparisons of how working with a licensed sales consultant can save you not only money, but heaps of time and stress. And most importantly get the absolute best price and conditions for the sale of your property.

Contact me to schedule your FREE, in-home market appraisal. Marketing your home with a professional real estate agent with expert local knowledge and skilled in negotiations can make a huge difference to the outcome you achieve. It can also help alleviate many complications and stresses that are often involved when selling your biggest asset! Each property is a unique proposition and every seller has individual requirements which must be catered for. For every client I work with, my first priority is to understand your needs and goals. Then together, we come up with a plan to get the best exposure and target the ideal purchasers for your property on your terms. With well over 2 decades in the real estate industry, I have also personally bought and sold a number of houses over the years throughout Christchurch in very different market conditions. I have had experience with new builds, fixer-uppers and first-hand experience with EQC claims. I have been a tenant, a homeowner and a landlord. Whatever stage you are at on your property journey, I would love to help offer my advice and guidance. I specialise in digital marketing and I work with an amazing team of professional photographers/videographers as well as a professional copywriter to make your property stand out in today's fast-paced real estate market. Get in touch if you'd like to meet up for a free, no-obligation chat about your next move and I'll shout the hot drink!

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