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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Health and Your Home

Warmer temperatures and more sunshine hours signal the beginning of spring, and for many of us, time to spring clean. A thorough spring clean of your home has a number of health benefits. Aside from helping strengthen your immune system and avoid illnesses, cleaning and organising the space you spend most of your time in can actually boost your mood and help you focus better. Here are five ways you can benefit from spring cleaning along with tips on what tasks to prioritise.

1. Strengthen your immune system

Spring might be a time of renewal but it’s also the start of seasonal allergies. A clean house – free of dust, mould and mildew – can help you breathe better and avoid allergy triggers. Spring cleaning is a good opportunity to deep clean your home by dusting, vacuuming, washing all bedding and blankets, and airing out your home by opening windows and doors on warmer days.

2. Reduce stress and depression

When you’re stuck indoors because of winter weather or lockdown restrictions, your mental health can take a beating. Keeping your home and workspace tidy – by decluttering and packing away items, re-organising and recycling or throwing out excess – can be mentally refreshing and liberating. Having a clutter-free home can have a positive impact on your mood and your ability to focus.

3. Prevent illness

The pandemic has heightened our awareness of the ease with which we can spread viruses and bacteria simply by touch. A deep clean of your home and the major touch points can help prevent the spread of illnesses in your home. Wipe down light switches, counter tops, and cupboard handles, sanitise bathrooms and kitchen, and deep clean bedding and towels on a hot wash.

4. Eat well and move more

Spring cleaning can also help motivate us to reset our health patterns or try out a healthier lifestyle. In fact, some experts believe there’s a correlation between keeping a clean home and being active and making healthy food choices. Why not use this time to try out some healthier recipes, get out for a walk, or join an online exercise class?

5. Reduce injuries

Injuries in the home are not uncommon and many of these accidents are caused by tripping over items or bumping into things. Organising your home and removing obstacles – like bags, sports equipment and shoes - could help reduce the risk of injury. Remove clutter from doorways and hallways, repair tripping hazards like loose carpets, and tidy away electrical cords and cables.

While not everyone enjoys the process of spring cleaning, the end results can be extremely satisfying, not to mention the health benefits for you and your family. Another kind of spring clean worth doing at this time, is a review of your mortgage. Spring cleaning your mortgage ensures you’re getting the best interest rate available to you. And that the loan features still match your requirements. If you’d like to find out more about a review of your home loan, contact Mortgage Express today and a Mortgage Express branded adviser in your area will be in touch with you.

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