Technology is changing the way we work and interact.

Following 20 years of experience as the Chief Information Officer for one of Australasia's largest real estate companies, Jason developed the technology strategy that helped make Harcourts one of the most successful real estate companies in the world.  

In his career, he has come up with many first to market ideas...

First to build a searchable real estate website (1996), utilise Google Maps, Google Base, Second Life, Mobilise a workforce of 2,000 users with Windows Mobile (2004), first to build apps for iPhone and iPad, first real estate company to be featured across Apple’s global web network with a case study showing how they used Apple’s iOS technology to transform their business.

With a background as a systems engineer, this helps him understand technology concepts and gives him the ability to crystal ball gaze into the future to help companies understand the potential of new trends with technology and then how they could be applied to any industry.

An experienced keynote speaker, he has delivered keynote and workshop presentations to over 80 conferences across Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

"I have presented at conferences with Jason and he has an incredible enthusiasm for the future and how technology can change our lives.  His presentations are exciting, energetic, and with humour thrown in to keep everyone on their toes."  
- Gregg Toyama - Harcourts International

"I've heard Jason speak on a number of occasions and each talk has been different, thought provocative, and has given me many takeaways that I have been able to implement into our business.  I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next."
- Lauren Myatt - Harcourts Grenadier

"I doubt there are many people who know as much as Jason about social media and how to take advantage of it in your marketing. I'm looking forward to developing a personal plan with him to ensure I'm getting the most out of the social media opportunities." - Steven Marshall

"Jason spoke at our Marcus Evans CIO New Zealand Summit in Auckland. Jason was rated as the top speaker at this event with a
4.8 out of 5." Ramu T - Marcus Evans

"Jason's presentation on Mobile Platforms and Enterprise Agility was fantastic.  I love how he had the vision to see what could be, and he is one of the few speakers that explained what he did in simple terms so we could all understand it"
- Peter - ITEX IT Technology Conference & Expo - Auckland

"Jason is a very comfortable speaker on the stage and delivers clear and entertaining messages throughout his presentations. He's got a passion for technology and it's always good to hear what ideas and takeaways he's got up his sleeve." - Daniel Archer

"I've been fortunate enough to witness Jason speaking on many occasions. He's always engaging and provides excellent presentations, often taking difficult technical talks and making them easy to digest." - Craig Woolgar

"Having heard Jason speak on several occasions he is an extremely good speaker, very professional, knows his specialist fields, also very good at motivation and engaging with his audience." - Kate Willetts

"Very professional informative presentations on technology" Paul - Harcourts New Zealand Conference - Auckland

"Business information session on Technology - Jason was outstanding" Sharon - Harcourts Australia Conference - Surfers Paradise

"The power hour on technology with Jason was my favourite keynote" - Sarah - Harcourts Australia Conference - Melbourne

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Wills Digital is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Christchurch is fondly referred to as the Silicon Valley of New Zealand with many exceptionally gifted inventors and entrepreneurs. Both Jason and Lauren are available to fly anywhere in the world to coach and present.


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