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Harcourts Real Estate Commission Calculator

Don't cut your lunch...find out what your real estate commission will be before you offer a discount?

Sometimes you are in a situation with a vendor where you have to discount your commission to win the business from a competitor.

Before you do this, use our Real Estate Commission Calculator to work out what a flat rate commission % will net you as the listing and selling agent, or if you decide to use a flat rate commission price. eg $20,000 what would this net you if another agent sells the property.

Note: This calculator is based on Harcourts Commission splits and franchise fee. It is based on an agent split of 50% with the office.


Super easy to use and a super annual price of $30+GST NZD 

To place your order fill in your details below and we will send an email for payment and the application link.
Note: Only available to Harcourts agents.

Thanks for ordering!

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